Group Facilities and Equipment

Our Laboratory facilities are located in 220 NPL. Newly completed, the laboratory consists of a wet and a dry lab, and possesses facilities for optics, vacuum systems, sputtering, precision machining, wet chemistry, optical microscopy, and photolithography.

Wet lab 1AJAOur 2 chamber AJA sputtering system allows us to produce high uniformity thin film samples on substrates up to 3 inches in diameter. This is commonly used for sputtering tungsten, aluminum, magnetic materials, and copper.

The wet lab features a large central area housing furnaces and ovens used for annealing, growing graphene, and baking samples. At the rear of the lab is a large walk in hood, home to our anodization system.

Dry Lab The dry lab is home to our optical tables, optical microscopy system, and our AJA sputtering system. It is also the future home of our cryostat, which is still under construction.

Diamond Turning Machine A single point diamond turning machine allows us to produce samples with mirror smoothness and features on the order of a few nanometers.

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