Current Projects

Our current projects involve Quantum Nanomechanics, Graphene and Other 2-Dimensional Materials, Superhydrophobic Nanomaterials, and Scientific Instruments for Physics Educational Cources

Quantum Nanomechanics

Charlie Lewandowski
Basic Diagram of Our Magnetic Trap

Our research on quantum nanomechanics has focused on the development of nanometer-scale mechanical systems where quantum mechanics can have signicant effects. We have been making rapid progress with a recent demonstration of magneto-gravitational trap for diamond nanocrystals with feedback cooling of the center of mass motion.

Graphene and Other 2-Dimensional Materials

As part our nanomechanics research, we started growing our own graphene by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The growth of graphene has expanded into a project of its own, and we now provide graphene to several collaborating groups around the world.

Superhydrophobic Nanomaterials

My research in superhydrophobic materials began while I was at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and has continued at Pitt in continued collaboration with researchers at ORNL. This effort also expanded to include the development of photon correlation spectroscopy for precise absolute measurements of the shear rate in fluid flow with Walter Goldburg at Pitt.

Scientific Instruments for Physics Education Courses

Motivated by success in instructional physics labs, my group has been making custom scientific instruments using Arduino microcontroller boards and Python. We use these instruments both in our research and and in instructional laboratories for undergraduates. The use of these instruments for education is detailed further in my teaching statement.

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